John is first, my husband, & second, my main second shooter. He’s my  main man ! :) He’s an extroverted graphic designer, photographer, Red Vines consumer, Lucille’s lover, boba drinker, video gamer, & lover of Jesus.

We met during our college years at the University of California, Riverside while we were both in a fellowship called Asian American Christian Fellowship. He was the leader of our Outreach Ministry, which I joined during my first year there! John was an Art major while I was a Sociology major. He took a couple photography classes, & since I was already a hobby portrait photographer at the time, we went on photography adventures together from the start–strictly as friends! But as time would tell, we started to like each other! Hehe  :)

John went old fashioned & asked my parents if he could date me, & we started dating September of 2011, when he asked me out officially with floating lanterns! He graduated first with a BA in Arts, and I graduated a year later with a BA in Sociology! He went further into graphic design & I took a step as a creative entrepreneur and officially began my photography career!

June 11th of 2016, John proposed with a somewhat crazy proposal plan, & we just recently got married March 26th, & explored New Zealand & Oahu together on our Honeymoon! WOO!! Take us back! ;)

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