Meet Margarette

I BELIEVE COMFORT IS KEY in documenting real, authentic love

I truly desire to get to know each of my clients, & so I think it’s important that you get to know a little bit of me, too!
I mean, no one want’s to spend all day being intimate with someone they feel uncomfortable with around.

H E L L O  there! My name is Margarette :)

I’m a natural light wedding & lifestyle photographer based in Los Angeles, CA with the love of photographing authentic couples who aspire to  g r o w  further in love & joy with one another over the years to come! It brings me so much  j o y  (& sometimes happy tears) capturing real moments between real people, & having the honor of writing out a glimpse of their story to place alongside their images to keep forever.

Both photographing intimate, joyful love, & the candid moments in between, and writing out the beautiful words of my couples & the story they share is my craft & something I wholeheartedly love doing. :) More about my passion >>


Besides being a photographer, I’d love for you to get a better glimpse of who I am to see if we’d be a good fit! To start, I am a wife to my main man, John, a devoted daughter & older sister of two youngins, a sincere friend who loves fellowshipping over food, & most importantly a believer in Jesus. The heart of all that I do derives from that last point: It’s my hope to graciously serve, bring joy, & genuinely love on everyone around me as I’ve been so immeasurably loved!

If you’re looking to see how we’d click, people usually say I’ve got a pretty bubbly personality! :) I love making people around me laugh, but my heart always desires intentional, deep conversations! To be honest, I’m not much of a hipster, & I don’t really try to be one. I’m a dork & I’m proud. :) As much as I love hiking around & going on adventures, I always need time to just journal, read or just  b r e a t h e . Nature is for sure my favorite element, but I do indeed love the the excitement of finding new places to eat & grab coffee in the city! My current expression of art besides photography: watercolor + doodling. :)

Portrait taken by Emi Fujii Photography.




That’s all for now, but feel free to get to know me a bit more on Facebook or Instagram, through my #MeetMargarette or #MarriageQuoteMondays!
Take Caution: I use a lot of Emojis! :)

Right icon taken by Charity White Photography.