I don’t want to just be a photographer — I want to be your photographer  f r i e n d .

WHY A FRIEND? // As one of the most memorable days in your life, my aim and goal is to create s p a c e for you and your beloved to just be, & I don’t believe that’s possible unless you’re first comfortable with me, like a friend. 

Relationship building is essential to me in my work as a photographer & story-teller. When a client books with me, I want to get to know the couple ahead of time–whether its during the complimentary engagement session, emails, or chatting over coffee/dessert as we discuss details! That way you don’t have a complete stranger following you around on a special day in your life, but a photography ninja who you know has and wants to i n v e s t in your marriage & relationship. :) Get to know me better, or learn more about my passion.

WHAT TO EXPECT // I like to make my sessions with clients more like a meet up, or date day that gets beautifully photographed! You can expect to get asked to act silly with one another, or share special memories & r e f l e c t back on important & meaningful moments in your relationship with one another. I want to best utilize my couples’ time together by creating space for them to make new memories & invest in their relationship! And don’t worry, I’ll help direct you & tell you how to move along the way! ;) 

Your wedding day is going to be a special one–not just because of all the details & beautiful things, but because you’ll be surrounded by all your loved ones and you’ll marrying the one you want to spend the rest of your life with! My goal is to make sure your memories are captured beautifully & in a memorable fashion you can s h a r e with your loved ones and future family!

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My bride & grooms usually invest $3500 to $4500 to experience my collection services depending on their needs!

Every collection includes the following:
two photographers  complimentary engagement session with styling assistance private sharing gallery personalized story blog

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