Jeremy & Thao’s 1 Year AnniversaryKit Coffee in Newport Beach & Thomas F. Riley Wilderness Park

Jeremy & Thao's 1 Year Anniversary
It's been a while since I've blogged, & it's the first time E V E R on my updated & rebranded site! (YAY!!) :) Sadly, a couple blogs were deleted in my new launch... :( WOMP. But I'm excited to share this story & hopefully I'll revive the lost few!! :) A couple years ago, I had the privilege of photographing Thao & Jeremy during my Christmas mini se[...]

Stephen & Jacqueline’s Portraits Session || San Juan Capistrano, CA

Stephen & Jacqueline's Portraits Session || San Juan Capistrano, CA
I spoke on the phone with Stephen and Jacqueline for the first time a couple months back to finalize details for their session.  My initial impression of them both was the immediate warmth and kindness they had not only for one another, but that they so genuinely extended to me. And my first impression was furthermore affirmed when I finally got to meet them in person[...]