C & L’s Oviatt Penthouse Wedding in Downtown Los Angeles, CA

John & I had such an amazing time working with C & L! I had met up with L and one of her bridesmaids a couple months before their wedding for the first time since they were planning from out of state, and it was SO fun getting to hear both of their stories of how C & L met! And even though I didn’t meet C until the wedding day, I could tell he was going to be one passionately romantic man! :)

Let’s start with their story! :) C & L met one another while working hard for one of the Big Four in the accounting world! At the time, L was a supervisor and C had just entered the firm and was on her team.

“I don’t remember the exact moment that I met C, but I think we would both agree on the fact that he was my staff member, and I was his boss. When I was first told that we’d be working with each other, I just remember thinking, “Great, another first year I have to work with.” Turns out he was a team member I could depend on to do good work.

I think my most memorable moment was when it was around midnight, and I had been working 100 hours a week… I was super upset that another staff member had completely ruined a project that was due in the morning. C came by my desk to drop off his work and to say goodnight, when he saw my red puffy face and wanted to help me out. I clearly remember asking him “ Are you sure?” as I handed over the work to him! He finished by 3am!”

The first time I heard this story, all I could think was DANG. That’s commitment! Turns out all this while, C thought L was pretty cute already! ;) But in his words, “I think L didn’t know that I existed until [this night]… I was exhausted, but I couldn’t leave her crying, so I offered to fix it for her. It took me all night, but I think that was the first time she noticed me (WORHT IT).

While talking with L, I could tell C was the romantic in the relationship! L agreed and told me the story of how C proposed, which indeed had a more romantic vibe! ;) 

So like any magical proposal, it started off with me being hangry on a 6 hour plane ride from the Newark Airport in NJ to LAX. And let me tell you, when I get hungry, I become one of the aggressive characters you see on those snickers commercials. C had taken an earlier flight than me because of a last minute work reschedule, so by the time I met him at the airport, I was literally frothing at the mouth to eat something. He refused to let me drop by someplace to grab a quick bite and wanted to go straight to the hotel we were staying at. 

We arrived at the very beautiful Viceroy hotel in Santa Monica, just a block or two from the beach. But did I take it all in? No. I was like “oh that’s nice” and hurried as quickly as possible to drop off our stuff and eat! We found a seafood place near by the shore and just enjoyed the views and beautiful weather. As the sun started to set and the temperature dropped, we decided to head back to the hotel to see if we could chill out next to the pools and grab some drinks. We started heading towards the pools, but I started getting cranky again since it was cold now and I didn’t think it was a good idea to be sitting outdoors. I started heading towards one of the tables next to a heat lamp but C kept insisting that we sit at the furthest Cabana area, away from any sort of heat lamp. A waiter came by with a bottle of champagne and ice bucket and was slowly…every so slowly pouring the glasses of champagne. I mean this guy was so slow even I noticed, and I’m sure it was driving C nuts at the time, now that I think back on it. After we did a toast, he pulled me in further inside the Cabana and started getting really fidgety and nervous looking. 

I don’t really remember exactly what happened, but I do remember him saying that he had a whole speech planned, but that he can’t do it and will just ask me. I stretches his legs out and starts digging into his front pocket to reveal a jewelry box. I think I was in total shock because I kept wondering what was happening. So when he pulled out the box, I thought ok they must be earrings….it’s close to our anniversary, so it could just be a pair of earrings as a gift to celebrate. That and I didn’t want to be that one girl that thought it was a ring, only to realize it was a pair of earrings…you know what I mean!

He asked me to marry him, and I just stared. I think it was a mixture of shock because I so did not expect this to happen and the fact that when he opened the box, it wasn’t earrings. All I kept saying to myself was, “Those aren’t earrings…”. C had to ask me again, whether it was a yes or a no, and I remember saying “Yes!” Even thinking back on it now, it still seems so surreal!”

A lot played into this sweet, exclusive plan! First, C had planned his flight to arrive an hour before L’s so he could pick up the engagement ring he purchased in LA! He also came early to the hotel so he could secure a private area for just the two of them, and have the champagne sent early! The hotel made sure guests were far away from his private table! So much arranging! How did C feel right before he was going to propose?

“I was pretty nervous and at this point L was getting cold, so I shakily took the ring out of my pocket and I asked her to marry me. She was so surprised that it took her a few seconds to respond…some of the longest seconds of my entire life.” 

C’s sweet gesture is just a small example of how much love & care you can see in his eyes as he looks at his (now) wife! It’s a beautiful thing to witness. :)

Now the day of C & L’s wedding was beautiful! It wasn’t too warm or too chilly, and everything was just so beautiful! I arrived with the bridesmaids and they had all the details prepared for me in a gift bag! And I LOVED all the sweet details L brought along with her from out of state!

L got ready at the LEVEL Furnished Apartment Rentals in downtown LA! These rentable apartments are so modern & chic! I loved it! Everything was so well lit and served as a beautiful backdrop for all of L’s details! 

One of my favorite details L had was her wedding band, which she shared that her father had actually made for her himself! Such a sweet gesture of love, and such a beautiful detail to add to the ring C had picked out for her!

Side note: I love the mixed metal trend that’s been happening! I was super close to doing that myself! :)

L looked absolutely stunning in her Monique Lhuillier wedding dress!! I loved the elegant layers of tulle in the skirt of her gown! We were all  so excited for C to finally see her all dressed up! :)

L is the perfect partner in crime. One day, we might be going to a party and she looks like super model, and the next day we might stay at home playing PS4 together or cooking dinner. She is just so versatile and able to adjust to any situation. It is always fun to be around her.”

While L & the girls got ready in a cool apartment, C & the guys got ready in a cool studio in the heart of Downtown LA! John spent time with C and his groomsmen while they got ready to go! :)

What attracted me most to C was the fact that he was confident… and a little different than other guys I’ve met—as in he was more of a traditionalist than most guys at my age. Sometimes I joke that he’s an old man, but all jokes aside, I think that’s what I like most about him.”

“[The First Look] was a little overwhelming. It was my first time seeing the dress and L looked so beautiful that I chocked a little. It was a day full of great surprises and emotions, but seeing her in that dress was probably one of my favorite moments of the day.”

“The one memory that I remember most clearly was our first look. The entire day leading up to first looks was hectic and every moment after that was also hectic, but to me, it was the first moment of calmness.—It provided a moment of clarity. It was quiet… I mean I knew the bridal party was peaking in and you guys were taking photos, but it was the one moment where it was just me and C.

When I first saw C, I felt very calm. The whole day leading up to the first look was so crazy busy and super scheduled that it was a moment where we had some sort of control; to take a breadth and to appreciate all the stuff that was happening.”

This is why I love doing first looks. I love allowing a quiet time and space for a bride & groom to just be in one another’s presence for a little while before everything else to come! It’s something special that I think allows for couples to just remember what the day is about–their marriage & commitment to one another for life. ;) 

“Shhhh don’t tell him, but I’ll reluctantly kinda sorta not really admit that I’ve learned during our relationship how…..stubborn I can be….NOT to say that I am; just to say I have a bit of a stubborn streak in me. It’s come to a point of being an ongoing joke. I always thought I was very patient and open, but I’ve come to realize there are just certain things that I will not give way to, no matter what others say!

Since we first met, I think we’ve both become less self-centered and more considerate of each other… not to say we had no regard for anybody other than ourselves, but it does take some time to adjust to each other’s quirks and preferences. 

Similarly to what L said above, C shared what he felt they had learned as well, and how he’s personally grown!

I think [since we’ve started dating] we have learned to accept each other’s shortcomings and to compromise when making a decision. We are both very stubborn, so it took us some time to learn when to let things go.

Since L and I started dating, I have become am a lot more organized and my cooking is getting a lot better. L is also making sure I dress much much better…

Haha! He added that he has learned that he’s “extremely lucky.”

“I can be very hard to deal with and sometimes too independent. L is extremely patient and quick to forgive, which has made our transition from “dating” to “married” a lot easier for me.

C & L had such a fun bridal party! It was just so much fun hanging out and spending time with them all! They were so welcoming to us, & even helped John with his asian squat! HAHA! ;)

We headed off to the Oviatt Penthouse after taking a couple more photos! The Oviatt is such a cool place! It’s a more intimate wedding venue, and just perfect for C & L’s classic meets art deco wedding! 

C’s three words for L were: “Sweet, Compassionate & (a) Food-fanatic“!

L let’s her actions do the talking. She always does small gestures that show me how much she loves me. She will go to the market and make sure she gets my favorite chips, or if I am having a bad day, she will surprise with a treat or two from my favorite Spanish deli.”

L’s words for C were: “Dramatic, Loving & Driven“! 

“Something that C does for me that I really appreciate…I know he hates cooking, but when I’m very tired and hungry, he always insists on making me something. AND when he makes me spaghetti with hotdogs, he gives me more hotdogs!”

I mainly got to know C & L via email, and even in the instant I met them, I could tell how sweet these two were. Not only to one another but to those around them. I can’t say enough how welcoming they both were, and just how caring they were in everything they did for one another, their family & their friends. :)

C & L had a nighttime ceremony & reception, so we planned things so they’d have some time before the wedding to relax and spend time with their family who came from near & far! As the sun set, the Oviatt became even more magical! 

And one by one their loved ones came up the elevator and stepped into the beautiful night we celebrated C & L’s marriage! They were surrounded with so much love!

“My favorite parts of the wedding was definitely the speeches and the end! The speeches that our siblings and friends gave were just so meaningful and poignant. It was more than I could’ve asked for. I was also happy that the wedding happened without any major glitch e.g. I trip and fall flat on my face, etc. It was finally a time I could relax and just enjoy myself.”

C & L had four of their beloved friends & family give speeches this beautiful night. The speeches were so great! They had John & I laughing, and tearing up at how thoughtfully crafted each of them were. The stories shared were awesome! C also loved the speeches that were given, and enjoyed them as one of his most memorable moments as well, along with a special time they had with their families! :)

Okay, before I go on, let me just say this. I can’t stop raving about Mr & Mrs. Creamery’s dessert set up!! I LOVED the set up & classy looking desserts, but it doesn’t stop there! They added dry ice to help create an even more magical scene!! So beautiful!! *heart eyes*

Also, L’s choice of cake toppers was perfect. ;) 

What a beautiful night for two beautiful people! Some words they wanted to share post dating & into the start of their marriage? 

First, words of wisdom from L:

I think the one big takeaway from dating and getting married is that you need to know that this person is someone you can depend on—someone who you can depend on as a partner. You feel confident and secure when you are with that person, and these are signs you look for to set others apart. 

My advice to other couples about to take the plunge of planning a wedding? Don’t feel pressured to do something just because someone suggests it or pushes for it. You know what feels right to you both and/or you know what you are comfortable with. And at the end of the day, it’s your wedding! 

And words of wisdom from C:

“I think being patient is probably the most important skill to have when dating someone. Once you are in a relationship your decisions should always account for the feelings of your significant other.

C’s advice on wedding planning was very practical and can probably speak to most of the gentlemen out there helping out with wedding planning by taking care of the finances:

“Start planning your wedding really early on and make sure you have room in your budget to cover unexpected expenses!!”

John & I can attest to that! We set a budget, but knew that it would go up by a little bit, so we saved room for that as we aimed for the budget we gave ourselves! Best wishes to you all in the wedding planning season of life!!

CONGRATULATIONS C & L!! John & I are so happy for the both of you!! And we are sending you both love & wishing you the best from afar!! :) 

Happy Tuesday, friends!