Future Weddings

I am SO excited for my next wedding to come in September! I got the chance to meet with my lovely bride and groom at their wedding site the other day! :)

Why do I like visiting wedding venues beforehand?
1. I get to look for areas that would be best to photograph my lovely couple.
2. I get a better understanding of where different parts of the wedding will be.
3. I get to ask questions about why the bride and groom decide to choose a venue, and what makes it unique to them while visually getting to see it.

My two good friends and colleagues, Samantha and Chris, accompanied me for the day trip to San Diego!¬†Without giving away where I’m going for my next photoshoot, here are a couple of pics from our day trip!


We may or may not have listened to “Best Song Ever” by One Direction all the way to San Diego…! :)

Visitation_0003 Visitation_0004 Visitation_0005

Sometimes when people see that I have a camera, they like to strike poses. ;)


And sometimes, we like to sing and dance around while waiting. :)


We arrived a couple minutes early, so Sam decided to do my hair. :)


Again, DON’T FORGET! I have two promotions going on!! Check it out here! :)

Happy Tuesday! :)