A Minecraft Birthday Party

So your brother (child/etc.) wants a Minecraft-themed birthday party, ay? Well if you are like me and my parents, you might not have any idea what Minecraft is, except for that it’s a game they are crazy about. And even worse, you might not be able to find any decorations at Party City for it! OH NO! So what do you do? You make do and do the best you can! :)

Every year since my brother Stephen was 2, I have made his, and my brother, Jonathan’s, birthday cakes! I’ve also been the “party planner” for the big event! This year was pretty challenging already with the Angry Birds Space theme my younger brother chose earlier in May (which had to be different than Stephen’s Angry Birds theme from last year). But to find out there was nothing I could buy for this Minecraft themed party, and with the knowledge that I actually have no knowledge of the game, made things even harder for this birthday!

Or so I thought.

I looked up all the ideas online and all the pictures I could to get a grasp of Minecraft and easily (minus the hours of work on the cake and cakepops) pulled off the theme! (Or at least I hope I did!) Here are some tips and tricks I did to make this Minecraft-themed party just in case you are in the same rut that I was in! :)

I bought most of my supplies from Party City and Ralphs! Most of the wall decor came from online! I found pictures of large Minecraft images (and even had to make a creeper face on photoshop) and used a handy dandy website called Block Posters to print out a large “Steve” head and “Creeper” face. I also downloaded a free Minecraft Font from Dafont.com to make a banner with my brother’s name, and a mini minecraft banner for the table, both which I hung up with some ribbon! :)

Minecraft Birthday Party_0001
Minecraft Birthday Party_0006 Minecraft Birthday Party_0003

I bought a blue tablecloth to be the “ocean” to make an island Minecraft location (for lack of better words)! I bought square plates to keep with the block theme of Minecraft. The brown represents the soil and the green cake plates are the grass that is found on top.

I also printed out pictures of full body Steves and Creepers and glued them onto white paper cups! Wish I could have found square cups, but these worked fine! :)

Minecraft Birthday Party_0005

In the game, there are several different elements, which you can find on Minecraft Wiki. From it, I chose to make Ice, Slime, TNT, and Torches. For Ice and Slime, I made jello cubes out of JELLO packets (Berry Blue and Lime flavored, although I was looking for Melon Blast); for the TNT, I bought two cube-shaped glass candle holders from the 99 cent store and wrapped a red layer of red construction paper and printed “TNT” with the Minecraft font on white paper and cut Red Vines in half; for the Torches, I used Trader Joe’s Honey pretzels. :)

Minecraft Birthday Party_0020Stephen-73

Every year, I design a Costco cake for my brother’s birthday parties! I order them plain with no borders and manipulate them in a way to fit each theme! This year, I re-frosted it blue for the ocean once again, and made some Ghiradelli Brownie Mix and made two layers of brownies to use for the Minecraft islands. What was hard with that the brownies were extra moist when I made them, so it was like “surgery” piecing them together, and then frosting them green. The Minecraft cake at the top is also a brownie layer, which I frosted and decorated with Candy Melts! :) As easy as these steps seem, it may take longer than you would think! I would definitely start the baking day early! Especially with cakepops!

Minecraft Birthday Party_0021

I make cakepops out of boxed cake mix and Candy Melts! Instead of making round cakepops, I made them cubed this time! :)


While I was documenting the birthday party, Jonathan decided to try to sneak into the pictures. HAHA He thinks he’s sneaky. ;)

Minecraft Birthday Party_0023

Lastly, for goodie bags, I bought green paper bags from Party City and printed out creeper faces that I made on Photoshop and glued them on! :)

Minecraft Birthday Party_0004

Here are the happy campers who came to celebrate Stephen’s 10th Minecraft Birthday Extravaganza! :)

Minecraft Birthday Party_0009 Minecraft Birthday Party_0010

We set up the TV so that the kids who needed a break form water balloon games could play some Minecraft!

Minecraft Birthday Party_0011

After my water balloon games, John set up a water balloon volleyball game! We took two large towels and filled up regular balloons with water! The kids were split into two teams in which they had to toss the balloon back and forth to each other to see who would pop or drop it!

Minecraft Birthday Party_0012

The balloons were HUGE.

Minecraft Birthday Party_0015 Minecraft Birthday Party_0013 Minecraft Birthday Party_0016 Minecraft Birthday Party_0017 Minecraft Birthday Party_0018 Minecraft Birthday Party_0019

At the end, they had to each pick up 25 pieces of balloon in order to eat some cake! That helped clean up some of the mess that was made! :)

Minecraft Birthday Party_0024

Happy Birthday Stephen!! :)

Minecraft Birthday Party_0025 Minecraft Birthday Party_0026 Minecraft Birthday Party_0027 Minecraft Birthday Party_0028 Minecraft Birthday Party_0029

So I accidentally bought the trick candles that relight after you blow them! It was pretty funny! Haha!

Minecraft Birthday Party_0030 Minecraft Birthday Party_0031

Good luck to you readers who are making a Minecraft Party on your own! :) You can do it! :D


Happy Friday! :)