Katie’s Headshot Session | UC Riverside, California

This past weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to work with an old high school friend who went to the same college as I did! I would like to introduce you to the lovely Katie! :D

When Katie arrived, all I could say was wow! Her hazel green eyes were stunning in her lacey blue dress, and just popped when we were around the UCR greenery! She was definitely blessed with a pair of beautiful eyes!

Katie is such a beautiful and intelligent girl! Not only does she have beautiful eyes and a sweet smile, but she’s got the brains! She is a biochem major, graduating on time–something that I’ve heard is quite difficult! I can’t say that I didn’t cringe when she told me what major she was! Haha! CONGRATS KATIE!

Take a look at the headshots she rocked this past Friday! :)

Katie_0001 Katie_0003 Katie_0002 Katie_0005 Katie_0007 Katie_0009

LOVE this shot!! :)

Katie_0008 Katie_0010

Katie and I agreed that this last portrait is our favorite. Doesn’t she look SO great?? I was SO excited when I saw this developed! :)


Congratulations, again Katie!! You are one awesome girl! :)

Happy Tuesday!